Mittens to Share – This Fall in French and English

Une Mittaine pour deuxmittens-to-share

AUTHOR: Emil Sher
ILLUSTRATOR: Irene Luxbacher
PUB DATE: Fall 2016
PUBLISHER: Scholastic Canada

Mittens to Share is coming out this Fall in French and English

Book Summary

A testament to the small, quiet times that become the most treasured moments in a family.

A child and parent play outside on a winter day when the little one loses a favourite mitten. The happiness is temporarily shattered, and parent and child go back inside. The child looks through a chest for a replacement pair and finally discovers a mitten that will do. When they head back outside, they find the lost mitten and also see that it has been discovered by a bird (seen at the beginning of the story), which is now incorporating a piece of its colourful yarn into its nest. With lost mitten and lost smiles found again, and mittens shared in novel ways, joy is restored to a perfect winter day.

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